our approach

Our investment approach focuses on leveraging long-standing relationships with partner investors to source real estate opportunities in a tailor-made approach, involving a comprehensive bottom-up asset-based underwriting model, a streamlined approval process, a bespoke asset management strategy and the permanent monitoring of timely exit strategies in order to maximise returns.


  • Co-invest alongside our limited partners
  • Treat our investor and shareholder capital like our own
  • Build our business and relationships based on integrity and loyalty
  • Ensure our people think and act like owners in all decisions


  • Ensure adequate fund diversification and mitigation of counterparty risk
  • Offer broad multi-asset class products meeting investor needs
  • Acquire assets on a value basis with a goal of maximising returns
  • Recognise that superior returns require a contrarian approach


  • Remuneration linked to the financial performance of our projects
  • Seek profitability rather than deal size
  • Encourage calculated risks always balancing risk and return
  • Establish strong reporting standards guaranteeing transparency

asset classes

We develop a broad multi-asset class investment approach, seeking to invest in diversified real estate sectors such as residential, logistics, office as well as mixed use assets – demonstrating ability to pinpoint the best real estate investment opportunities.


Industrial & Logistics

Mixed Use


Special Situations

investment styles

We offer a broad array of real estate investment strategies that span the risk-return spectrum, ensuring proper fund diversity and mitigating counterparty risk. Our local team is prepared to execute strategies that match market dynamics to investor risk profiles, with a clear focus on development/opportunistic and value-add projects.

We actively monitor assets that comprise low to moderate risk profiles. The typical dynamic of such projects entail the aptitude to increase cash flows through light property improvements, management efficiencies or by increasing the quality and contractual terms of existing tenants. In line with safe-haven core properties, these products tend to be of high-quality, with solid occupancy rates and thus predictable cash-flows.

We seek to find mispriced opportunities, particularly assets that are under-managed and are not easily recognised by the wider market. Such prospects may arise from changing credit markets and/or our established in-house contacts and sourcing capabilities. These opportunities are focused on value creation in the form of capital improvements, leasing and revenue enrichment strategies as well as the refining of operating efficiencies.

With a highly specialised project management team and extensive industry contacts we are able to manage and invest in projects with a longer time horizon offering higher investment returns. Our team has a solid track-record in both pure ground-up developments and renovation projects involving the acquisition of vacant buildings with significant upside potential.

a manager who invests with you

We seek to generate superior risk adjusted returns by leveraging our operating expertise and focusing on our core real estate capabilities – sourcing, underwriting, leasing, financing and adding value (either through development, value creation or a hands-on property management strategy).

We are committed to systemically allocate our own capital alongside investment partners, being able to implement flexible investment partnership platforms that cater to distinct strategies, risk profiles and capital structures.