28 October, 2020

Violas Ferreira and Louvre invest 28 million in luxury project in Foz do Porto

The Greenstone project will have a total of 36 houses with independent access, divided between “townhouses” (two-bedroom, with two floors and private gardens) and “garden villas” (three-bedroom and four-bedroom, also with two floors and private gardens), with areas between 140 square meters and 225 square meters. The project also includes nine “sky villas” – on the top floor, with private rooftops, an independent access elevator, and areas between 210 square meters and 355 square meters.

According to the promoters, all houses benefit from large outdoor areas, open views, many green spaces, and, in some cases, private pools – in addition to a large common garden that includes a pool and pool house for all residents. Greenstone will also provide garden coverings, use of solar energy, charging electric vehicles, and parking for bicycles.
Tiago Violas Ferreira, CEO of the holding company Violas Ferreira, points out that the new project “was born in the most peaceful area of ​​Foz, where you can live with the privilege of walking in a green environment, enjoying the sea and the Parque da Cidade”.
In this investment, the holding company Violas Ferreira, which owns the Porto Office Park and is also developing the Pharmacia project, in Cedofeita (Porto) has joined Louvre Properties – a brand of the Bondstone group specialized in the development of high-end residential projects that counts with a portfolio of eight projects in Portugal.
Paulo Loureiro, CEO of the Bondstone group, is confident that Greenstone homes “will sell very quickly” given “the exceptional location and unique character of the project”.
This new residential development is signed by the architect José Carlos Cruz and the engineering office A400.


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